Wargaming Mobile Publishing Program

Providing a solid foundation of support and expertise
from development to global release

Access to a set of advanced services and tools to ensure a stellar Soft Launch. The Publishing Program is free for six months with no obligations. Pending KPI performance Publishing Program membership can be extended an additional 6 months. *

Great product performance will grant access to our mobile F2P expertise, funded marketing campaigns, and the opportunity to receive financial support for later development stages.

Focus on your passion.
We'll provide you with the tools to hit the market. For free.

Let the Publishing Program take your game global with a full suite of services for mobile, powered by Amazon GameLift and other industry-leading cloud services from Amazon Web Services. In just minutes, you can leverage the proven Amazon Web Services platform to provide your players with low-latency networking, high-performance computing, and protection from distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

Track performance of paid installs and ramp up user acquisition with AppsFlyer. This leading marketing analytics solution will cost you nothing for six months. If soft-launch performance is good, then the service will be extended for another six months.

Use DeltaDNA’s superior analytics platform for free for up to a year, to drive retention, monetization, and player engagement. Brought to you through an exclusive deal between Wargaming and DeltaDNA, this platform’s deep data analytics and predictive modelling let you create highly defined behavioral player segments, analyze them, and boost your operations.

Already developing with Unreal Engine 4 or considering the engine for your game? The partnership between Wargaming and Epic Games grants all members of the Wargaming Mobile Publishing Program access to professional support via the Unreal Developer Network as well as the attention of Epic’s marketing, PR and community teams to help ensure the greatest possible chance of success for your title.

What we are looking for

  • Experienced, highly-driven, and passionate
  • Living, breathing video games
  • Registered as a legal entity
  • Hold full ownership of IP, including software licenses
  • Free-to-Play
  • Competitive- oriented mechanics: MMO and/or PvP
  • Original, innovative gameplay
  • High LTV and/or mass appeal potential
  • Clear in-game progression and visually intuitive design
Development Stage
  • Games in development approaching soft-launch within four months with a beta version available, featuring core gameplay, progression and monetization.
  • Soft-launched projects that haven’t been released globally yet
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Getting on board


Get started by filling in and submitting the application form


Then, pass the game design review by Wargaming mobile experts


Finally, join the ranks of the Wargaming Mobile Publishing Program and reap the benefits

“Working with Wargaming to publish Gods & Glory was a great experience for everyone on the team. Their global publishing expertise and knowledge of the industry let us fully concentrate on developing our game. We had the freedom to work on Gods & Glory, take on feedback, and put it towards creating an awesome experience”

Stanislav Savvinykh, CEO Friday’s Games.