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About Wargaming Mobile Publishing Program

The Wargaming Mobile Publishing Program supports aspiring development teams in their quest to enter the highly competitive mobile market. The program helps us discover talented teams and great products for publishing.

The program was made possible thanks to our partners. We hope to streamline game creation and operations with access to analytics, development, and connectivity solutions. Specifically, members will be granted access to AppsFlyer, DeltaDNA, Amazon GameLift, Amazon Web Services, and an UnrealEngine4 license.

All these services are delivered to program members for free, and under no obligation, for a total of six months. In return, you let us monitor your product’s performance for the agreed period. We are willing to prolong the offer for another six months, if we see great performance and the passion to fully develop your product during the first six months. 

Great soft launch performance will let grant access to our mobile F2P expertise, funded marketing campaigns, and the opportunity to receive financial support for later development stages. 

Finally, a stellar performance might earn you a publishing deal from Wargaming.

Wargaming.net is an award-winning online game developer and publisher. One of the leaders in the free-to-play MMO market, the company has a global network of offices and over 10 titles across PC, console and mobile platforms.


How do I apply?

Start your application here.

What are the Program’s rules?

What are the Program’s rules and requirements? Before submitting your game, you must read and accept the Official Terms and Conditions for the Wargaming Mobile Publishing Program.

What do Wargaming experts look for in submitted games?

We are looking for mobile games that have:

  • Original, innovative gameplay ideas
  • Quality graphics
  • PvP / competitive- oriented mechanics, synchronous or asynchronous
  • Clear in-game progression, visible to players
  • Collectible elements
  • Micro-management and / or RPG-like elements
Please note, this doesn’t mean that your game should have all these elements and qualities. You’ll be more than fine if you score 3+.

When the submitted game goes live, who owns the intellectual property?

You will retain full ownership over the game you submitted.

How long does it take to process a submission?

We’ll be in touch within two weeks if we think your game is a potential match for the program.

How many games can one studio submit?

You can submit any number of projects. Just make sure they meet the entry requirements.